Peter Pan 

Peter Pan is my favourite story since I was a child. 
Illustrating the original version is one of my personal long-term projects. 
These are the faces, colours and lights that my imagination brings to life every time I read the story of the boy who never grew up. 

Apart from the usual paintings and some special commissions I am always happy to work on other projects: illustrating books, logos, stickers collections... 
If you have any ideas, propositions or questions, please ask me :) 
I just started working as an illustrator so I can't wait to fill this section of my website with loads of new beautiful projects. 

El viaje de Pequod - Logo

"El Viaje de Pequod" (Pequod's Journey) is an Spanish Podcast about ecology, nature, literature and art.  It's part of a project for the University of Alicante. 
Laura, an old colleague from Edinburgh is behind this beautiful idea. And I coudn't say no when she asked me to help with a logo! 
This is the background that I used... You can see the final result in her instagram account: @elviajedepequod

My first illustrated book!

I can't tell you everything about this because I'm still in the process of finding an Editorial to publish it. But I'll just say that it was my 2020's spring project (crazy days!).
It's a short story, for kids and adults,  about a queen that has lost her kingdom. It's full  of magic and poetry.  I hope you can see it very soon. 

I'll keep you updated! as soon as it's ready I'll let you know here and in my Instagram account. 


This is a personal project. I want to illustrate the lands/maps of some of my favourite  literary worlds. So far this is what you can see:

- Neverland


- Narnia
Narnia - Maps Collection

- Harry Potter 



This is one my first personal  projects ever.  I want to prepare a new calendar for every year to come. Different ideas and materials but full of magic and always... inspired by nature!